Why Spend Time On Beliefs?

The reason we work on beliefs is because it’s your beliefs that run everything.Your beliefs form you and you will run your life based upon your beliefs.

So if you believe that you are going to be successful then it will happen.

If you believe you’re not going to be successful you will sub-consciously find evidence to support that belief until such time as you don’t become successful and that belief then gets confirmed as true.

When Are Beliefs Created?

Beliefs are often created at a very young age and what happens then is that you then look for evidence to support that belief.

So we have to go right back to early childhood in many cases.

The methods that we use enable us to do that and find the source of that belief.

What Are The Sources Of Beliefs?

And the sources we find are often from the most interesting places.

These are places that you would never think of at a conscious level.

So all the thinking in the world won’t necessarily get you to that point where that belief was created.

And for a lot of my clients they find that they didn’t even realise they had these beliefs about money.


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