Why It Isn’t About The Money

This may seem like a strange statement coming from someone who claims to be a “financial healer”. Here are my thoughts about why I believe it really isn’t about the £ or $ in your pocket:-

  • Your relationship with money is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. For some it will show up in other areas of their life such as health, weight or their relationships with others.
  • Money itself isn’t important but try living without it! Seriously, it isn’t how much money you have, it is what it will give you. Will it give you peace of mind if you can meet all your living expenses and have some left over?  yes it most probably will. Will it buy you happiness? Probably not.
  • You and I know that in order to have money, we need to spend less than we earn. So why do so many fail to stick to that very basic principle? Why do so many people have houses full of brand new furniture, buy designer clothes and run expensive cars but max out on credit and store cards in order to do so?

In order to make the change that we desire, we have to seek out the underlying issues, not at a conscious level (I am sure you have tried to do this many times) but instead dig deeper into the subconscious.

I feel blessed that I have the tools at my disposal to help you reach into your subconscious and help you move away from a life where you consistently struggle financially to one of abundance in whatever form that means for you.

For a free one to one consultation to see how I can help, contact me at Mark@financialhealer.co.uk

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