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who does eft help

“In EFT, we work at a different level, I believe, toward this; to find out the reasons why you have such a bad relationship with money.  So, essentially, EFT is for anybody that doesn’t have the relationship with money and wealth that they would like to have.

I think the people that are drawn most towards needing this are people that have had life-changing situation where either that’s affected their finances, or they feel they should be much better off than they are.” – Mark

My Main Market

It’s usually parents where the children are now less of a financial burden, and maybe they’ve hidden behind that reason of, ‘Oh well, bank of mum and dad funding the children.’  And it gets to a point where they’re no longer a financial burden, but they’ve still got no money.

Or it might be people that are going through a divorce, for example, and finding that they’re having to cope on their own or where they thought, perhaps, they were in a financial position that they were pleased with.

Then they see that wasn’t the case at all, that they’ve been kidding themselves.  It gets to a certain point, to a certain number of people, but this could work for anybody.  If you’re 25 and you’re living with mum and dad, and you’re still not saving money, then I believe you need this.

People who have been made redundant are also part of my market.  With redundancy, often, it’s not just about the money.  They may have got a redundancy payment, but it’s like, ‘Okay, I thought I was going to be doing this job for the rest of my life.  Now, what do I want to do?’  It’s using that money in a way that’s going to work for them rather than control them.  That’s a big point here.

The Right Mindset

For a number of people, their lives are controlled by money and well, they should be controlling it themselves.  It’s developing the correct mindset.  Redundancy, obviously, is often a big wake-up call.  People got money.  They want to hold on to it.  I mean, I’ve been researching how many lottery winners actually are made bankrupt.

Then I realise that’s not the important thing.  A, because it’s difficult to actually get some specific figures.  It’s been anything from about 20% or about 50% lose everything.  There’s been some high-profile cases of people that have either decided to go back to work or lost everything.  There’s one particular example of a guy that wasted all his money on big, fancy cars, and the sting in the tail was that he couldn’t actually drive!

Having the right mindset when you’re building up your funds is important.  But if you are lucky enough to win the lottery or unlucky enough to be made redundant, but still have this cash payout, present its own problems because if you’ve not got the right mindset, it doesn’t matter how much money you have.   You’ll find ways of losing that.

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