What Actually Is A Belief?

A belief is something that’s engrained into you.  It’s a feeling of certainty that something is true.  And beliefs are important as they strongly influence behaviour.Take the belief “I will never be successful.”  I’m thinking essentially I will never be successful and that belief was created by some event that sets that off.

It might be for example, my belief was created because when I was four years old I lost a running race and I should have won.

Maybe I tripped over but maybe somebody came along and said something about my ‘failure’ and at that time I created this belief that I won’t be successful.

And then certain things will come along that our take on it would be “Well my belief that I’ve created is I won’t be successful, so if I come second in something else that means I’m not successful because I wasn’t first.”

Whereas somebody else will look at it and their take on it would be “You’ve come second, you’ve done really well.”

How Would Somebody Know If They’ve Got Negative Beliefs?

I think the interesting thing is that they often, they don’t think that they’ve got negative beliefs until we dig a bit deeper.

So for some people it can be on a conscious level if we put up the certain things like money doesn’t grow on trees and you had parents that were saying “I’m not made of money” then they might be able to say this back to you fairly quickly and it will become obvious.

For other people whose beliefs may take a lot longer to hunt out.  For example one of my clients has this belief or had this belief that it’s, money will always be taken away from her.

Now she didn’t realise this until we found out the source of that particular belief which came from the fact that she used to save coins when she was a little girl and her mother would come along and take some of them or in fact take them all of them.

That’s terrible you know, to use it for whatever reason and she might think Oh, well in her head it might have been “Oh I’ll come along and take this change because I have to pay the milkman or whatever”.

But at that point something as simple as that created a belief that for this lady, she could make money but as soon as she got money it was taken away from her.

And this proved a real stumbling block because she’s never saved money, she’s always found ways and she’s actually great at generating interest in her own business but what the difficulty that she has is actually sort of, when she’s got the money, something will always happen that she ends up spending it.  And it started as something as very simple as that.

Another example where a belief is created.  I’ve got another client where she was told that rich people are horrible people because her uncle happened to be fairly rich but wasn’t the nicest person.  So she’s gone through life now thinking that all rich people are horrible people based upon what she was told by her parents about her uncle.

So, but she has attracted into her life rich people that are not very nice.  So it’s incredible how much one little thing can affect your life.  And they are just two examples where that is greatly affected, those two clients in their relationship with money.

How Do You Uncover Their Negative Beliefs?

It involves a lot of questioning and unravelling the bits of the onion to get to the core point.  So there’s a lot of discussion about what’s happened with money and then peeling away the outer most parts of the onion to get to the core as I said.  So there’s a lot of questions, the answers of which will give us a clue as to, as to where that will lead us.

But the fascinating thing about being a financial healer is that no two clients are the same and therefore there’s, there’s a blank page, there’s a number of questions, but where that leads us we don’t always know.

But what we do is that we usually use special methods which are very friendly, very nice but will get into the sub-conscious and the client’s own sub-conscious will lead us to the source of those particular negative beliefs.

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