Unstoppable You Teleclass Summit

The summit is called ‘Unstoppable You Business Intensive’ and it’s based around the Tapping World Summit.  Anybody who knows EFT will be familiar with this. It runs for five consecutive days with two interviews presented each night and it’s got some big names in the EFT market this year.

The week before (21st April) they have a pre-launch and there are interviews with Nick Ortner and Dawson Church who again people that are aware of EFT will know both of those names.

I’m on the bill – one of the ten people that run in that particular week.

Who Should Attend The Teleclass Summit?

Anybody who is in business – because they will pick up something from everybody! But in particular if you’re looking to set up your own EFT Practice – or similar practice – then this is for you!

This is because these guys are all established in the EFT business. And they know particularly what people are looking for which I think is sometimes different to, in terms of the clients that we have, in how to market to them for example.

I think that’s a little bit different from if you’re selling the latest miracle weight-loss pill or the quickest way to make money on internet.

So they’re very subtle differences and some not so subtle differences, and these guys have been there, they’ve got the T-shirt so they know exactly what they’re talking about in terms of EFT.

So it’s anyone:

  • in business who wants to set up in therapy or coaching or anything related,
  • involved in EFT who wants to build their EFT practice or
  • interested in EFT who wants to learn more.

Any Others Who Should Attend Teleclass Summit?

I think you’ll pick up things from this if you’re anybody in business. One of the things that I realised when I was researching this – and actually providing one of the bonuses that you can get should you wish to buy the programme at the end of it – there are a lot of mistakes that I made early on and therefore that would apply for any business.

There are particular areas that they cove that only apply maybe to EFT or similar therapists but I think if you’re in business yourself you’ll pick up something from this programme.

What You Get Out Of Attending Teleclass Summit

For a week you’re going to get ten interviews (two per day) and it’s not going to cost you anything. And I think you’re going to get this slightly different perspective on how to build your business rather than these sort of ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

I appreciate not everyone is pushing that out but as I said before it’s particularly about our market (EFT and Matrix Reimprinting) and the people that come to us in the sort of predicament that they’re likely to be in.

Because let’s be honest we’re (as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners) often quite a way down the list and people have tried everything else! So they’re in a particular state and we need to go rather softly I feel with these clients.

Also maybe they’re the people that we need to hold hands rather than beat them with a stick into doing whatever it is that we’re offering.

When The Teleclass Summit Starts

There’s a pre-launch week where the talks on Dawson Church and Nick Ortner are included and that’s on the 21lst April. But it all starts on the 28th April.

How To Access The Teleclass Summit

The best way to access is through my website and to sign up and you’ll also get the first three chapters of my book.

Then we will keep in touch with you and give you the links to actually listen to the shows. You need to go to my website, which is: http://financialhealer.co.uk

We’ll send you email reminders of when the sessions are available live.

When Is Mark Speaking?

I don’t actually know at the moment! That’s kept under wraps. I’m hoping that because of the slant that I’ve put on this and my own beliefs about the first thing that you should do when setting up your business, that I will be one of the first speakers. But at the moment I’m not sure so obviously as soon as we know we’ll let you know.

Topic That Mark Will Be Speaking On

I’m talking about what I believe is the thing that you should do first before you ever set up your business and that’s really to work on yourself.

So it’s looking at any blocks that you have to being successful. So that when you start looking at bringing in clients and marketing and such like, you’ve got the correct mind-set that nothing’s going to stop you.

That’s very much what I concentrate on. So for me that’s the very first step you should be taking. I would think that would be relevant to almost everybody, because we’re talking about building up your business but it’s also where ever you are in life.

That’s whether you’ve got an issue with finances, with relationships, maybe you overeat and you don’t exercise enough, whatever it is, the principles are exactly the same. So you could say that my talk is for everybody.

Cost Of Teleclass Summit Programme

It’s ten sessions, and there are two interviews a day. So it’s over a five day period but there’s no actual cost to listen to them live. And each interview is posted for 24 hours.

Then if you like what you hear and you wanted to hear it again there’s a possibility to buy the whole set at the end of the week.  With that there are bonuses and a workbook there to help you go through the process, and that’s available at the end of the week.

Listen To Teleclass Summit For Free

Each interview will be available for 24 hours after the live transmission at no cost.  Remember that the pre-event starts on the 21st April and the event itself starts on the 28th April.

People That Mark Is Looking Forward To Hearing

There are some people on there that I really admire Brad Yates and Nick and Jessica Ortner who have been very successful with their tapping solution book.  They’ve set up a number of charitable causes where the proceeds from the books have gone, so I’m very interested in listening to them.

There are lots of big names in the EFT world like Carol Look and Steve Yates – in fact I think everybody is worth listening to because I think you’ll pick out something from every speaker.

EFT Of Benefit For Everyone

Now I will be going along because I’m fascinated by EFT but my guess is that even if you haven’t heard about EFT this can be of benefit to you as well, would that be correct?

Yes, absolutely, because we’re talking a lot about the principles involved. Certainly those are things that I’ve learnt from NLP, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, but the principles, once you get them, EFT is just a way of changing beliefs, but if you can pick up the principles and know that’s your starting point.

For example – I once had a bad relationship with money because of my own beliefs about myself and for me that was something that really struck a chord. So you can start from there and you’ve got that, that’s your foundation for the work that you need to do and you literally build on that and EFT is just one way of doing it.

It’s not just people who are in money poverty; it’s amazing the number of people who are outwardly successful, who just manage money incredibly badly because of their beliefs and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can really help with that.

That’s a fantastic point. It’s often the case – and this comes up in the story in my book – that it’s not necessarily making the money it’s then keeping hold of money that’s important.

So if you’re running an underlying belief that you don’t deserve much, it doesn’t matter how much you make, you’ll find a way of spending it all.

Click here to hear Mark speak.

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