Keep it Simple Stupid

With the financial Healer book now finished and available to buy on Amazon, I have been reflecting on the emotional roller-coaster I experienced during the writing process.

The initial excitement I experienced as my ideas came to life soon gave way to self doubt; was it any good? Would people want to read it? Is it written in the right way? (I had already metaphorically ripped up the first version which was essentially a “how to” book). In the end I trusted my gut feeling and went with what felt right. I also felt blessed that I received so much support for the project from my friends and family.

So what was I trying to achieve? Quite simply, to share my knowledge that had been acquired over a number of years and to help as many people as possible get out of debt and acquire the abundance that they deserve in whatever form that takes.

When I worked in financial services one of the main principles I learned was K.I.S.S or Keep It Simple Stupid. It was a principle I tried to take into my writing so the messages I was conveying could be easily identified. I recognise that I am a ‘big picture’ person and someone who doesn’t need the absolute detail but am well aware this isn’t the case for everyone. The good news is that there are plenty of resources available for those who need more detail

I hope that the strategies I share can be taken away by the readers can be used straight away.

So did I achieve what I set out to achieve? I felt more relaxed when I received these reviews on

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Worthwhile Purchase for the Price. 14 Mar. 2015
By Ricky

So pleased I bought this book. It is an easy read and the points that are made are applicable to everyone so it becomes personal. “You have all the answers within you” – that struck a big bell in my head. Getting out of debt is all to do with your belief system we are told. We learn where this negative belief system comes from and how to get through it. Within this seemingly fictional (is it?) story of Alex and his mentor Jakap there are loads of exercises for us to carry out without us even realising it. At the ends of the first few chapters are what lessons have been learned by Alex. There is also a description of EFT tapping and an even better one of the relatively new Matrix Reimprinting therapy.
Overall this is an excellent buy for the price and I hope Mark goes on to write other useful books.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Refreshingly straight forward 12 Mar. 2015
By Howard H.
Verified Purchase
I gave this book the top rating because it was an easy read with an important message that all of us can benefit from. I felt it was also very good value for money as the strategies and guidance the book gives you ,if used and implemented could save you significant amounts of money. Thank you Mark

So if you are thinking about writing a book, or making big changes in your life, then my advice is to go for it! There are plenty of resources available to help you and if you give your dream 100%, you will be so glad you did!

If I can help you in any way, please contact me at

The Financial Healer book is available from the kindle store at and



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