Getting Your Mindset Right!

You have to get your mindset correct or you will never attract or retain money!  Even if you’re given money like a lottery winner, you won’t retain it.

Unless you’ve got the right mindset, it’s like with anything, with professional sports people, for example.  If you’re a golfer, which I’m not, I’m reliably informed that 90% of that is in your head, and I believe it’s the same with your relationship with money.

If you’ve got a good relationship with money, if you believe that you deserve to be wealthy, whatever your definition of wealthy is, you will get that.  Whereas if you don’t believe that you deserve to have funds, even a big lottery win will mean that you will find ways of losing it.

I was in financial services for over 25 years, and the best part of the job was helping people.  I met some wonderful people along the way, but most of the time, I met people that had lots of money, and it was interesting to study how they obtained their wealth.

There are plenty of other people as well that weren’t as wealthy in terms of money, but in terms of their lifestyle and their overall contentment, seem to be in a lot better place.

What I Really Enjoyed

The biggest kick I got from the job was actually helping the people, who were perceived to be struggling.  Now, I can only do that within the parameters of working with what they had.  It was only when I was looking at my own situation and then wanting to improve how I performed at work that I realised there was this other world out there and that helped people improve their self-worth.

A combination of the two just seemed to be an ideal fit for me with my experience on the practical side of the things, plus all these new techniques that I discovered that, for me, were definitely life-changing, and I believe, can be for others as well.

I Work Differently

The difference is that I work at a much deeper level to try and get at the core of the issue.  I’m working at a diagnostic level – rather than just give somebody the pill to cure the headache, I try to work out what causes the headache in the first place.

This is importantas if you get to that core, you take that away, then the headaches go.  They’re not going to come back.

I Use a Number of Techniques

The techniques that I use are very current, but are based upon techniques that go back to Chinese medicine from thousands of years ago.  They’ve been built up for me personally from various different sources.  Once I first sort of picked up on this seven or eight years ago, there was no holding back!

This Is Life-Changing

I’m totally devoted to this because I believe that this is life-changing for anybody.  Once they get it, it’s a quick process to completely changing around your attitude towards money.  And to go from a very negative situation to very positive in a relatively short space of time.

I Started On Me! The reason I started with these techniques was frustration at my own life, really, and in particular my working life.  As I said, I was in financial services and I was doing okay.  I was well-respected for the advice that I gave.

My clients helped me, and I was very helpful for other colleagues.  They would often ask me for advice in particular situations, but I wasn’t deemed as being successful in management terms as some of the other guys.  I wanted to explore why that was.  I tried to look at it at certain levels.

I Discovered NLP

Then I discovered Neuro-Linguistic Programming and went on a course.  I liked it so much that I went on another course.  From that, it led to other techniques that completely were life-changing when I realised the core of all this.  And also, as I said, I got a bigger kick from helping those that I felt were really in need rather than those that were doing the right sort of thing.

In a way, my job wasn’t enough for me because what I was doing was telling people the basic plans that they needed in order to maximise income.

But I wasn’t getting to the core, to the people that I really wanted to help, those that weren’t even getting to that place.

Winning The Inner and Outer Game

So, for me, learning all these other techniques and having the years of experience in financial services seem to be a perfect fit.  I absolutely love the techniques and I use them for people that have crippling illnesses such as Fibromyalgia and ME to people that are scared of heights or scared of flying and scared of spiders.

This works across all levels, but in particular, for those people that don’t understand why they’ve got such a poor relationship with money and wealth, that we can unlock that particular door that’s holding them back. The beauty of it is that it comes often from the most unusual sources that thinking at a logical level, we’ll never unearth.


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