Getting To The Core Of Your Financial Problems

Why Do You Get Such Dramatic Results?

If I can be a bit immodest for a moment, I think the reason why I am proficient is I think I seem to have the ability to ask the right questions. And that in turn comes from being a good listener.

When I’m doing Financial Healing work, I think preparing to listen is vital as you know that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. You need to hear what is being said and what isn’t being said.

As you listen to your client’s problems you pick up the clues from the language that they use.  You pick up another channel of information from their facial expressions – for example what exactly is important and what’s at the core of what they’re saying.

And then you ask the questions and maybe you don’t get the answer that you think you are going to get. But then that leads you in a different direction.

Getting To The Core

Then it’s important to go just a little bit deeper than maybe others do to get right to the core of the problem. Once you get that sort of the core of the problem everything seems to open up.  A lot of what clients talk about initially are symptoms of their problems.  And clearly they want these to go away.

But we can’t get rid rid of the symptoms alone – the symptoms are caused by an underlying problem.

For example, a person’s large credit card debt is a typical symptom I see all the time.  But the cause is a lack of consistent and practical saving behaviour.  And this in turn can be down to unconscious beliefs that were just accepted by us when we were small.  So often it’s about identifying what those unconscious beliefs actually are, then changing them so they support us.

So it’s listening via all senses, picking out incongruities and following those up to get to the core of their problems.  Once we’ve identified the core problems we can work on them.

Does This Work For Anyone?

Yes, I believe that this would work for anyone because it’s not just doing it by gut feel, but, rather there are specific techniques.

I’ve trained in NLP, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and each of these disciplines has a large number of tools that I can use.

If something doesn’t work for somebody I find I have always got something else that we can try so it’s not just the case of having one technique for all situations.

Because people are different, they react in different ways to different things.  So I try to have a larger tool box, and that means I am more likely to have a tool that will work for any given individual and certainly the results seem to be there.

In what we are doing so far, once people start having better opinion of themselves, they will start to move forward in every aspect of their life.

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