Using EFT

In this video, I cover the fundamental EFT process that so many of my clients have found so powerful. Using just this video you may well be able to address your limiting beliefs about money. Again, you might like to watch it all the way through, then tap along with me. Don’t worry, there is very little that can go wrong with EFT, and the process is very accommodating.

Secondary Gain Video

Secondary gain is a concept I come across a lot. When I first heard about it I was very sceptical. But as I worked with it, with myself and clients, I began to get results. Bizarrely, this video might well be just the perspective shift you need.

NLP Anchoring Video

In this short video, I demonstrate step by step how to go about using Anchoring, a powerful technique for managing your state that comes from NLP. You might like to watch it through first, then follow what I suggest in the video.

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