With the financial Healer book now finished and available to buy on Amazon, I have been reflecting on the emotional roller-coaster I experienced during the writing process.

The initial excitement I experienced as my ideas came to life soon gave way to self doubt; was it any good? Would people want to read it? Is it written in the right way? (I had already metaphorically ripped up the first version which was essentially a “how to” book). In the end I trusted my gut feeling and went with what felt right. I also felt blessed that I received so much support for the project from my friends and family.

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Why Spend Time On Beliefs?

The reason you need to work on beliefs is because it’s your beliefs that run everything.  Your beliefs form you and you will run your life based upon your beliefs.

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To change people’s lives from a financial point of view what you need to do is to work at two levels.  This is to ensure that they have control over their finances rather than have their finances controlling their lives. Read More

Why Do You Get Such Dramatic Results?

If I can be a bit immodest for a moment, I think the reason why I am proficient is I think I seem to have the ability to ask the right questions. And that in turn comes from being a good listener. Read More

“In EFT, we work at a different level, I believe, toward this; to find out the reasons why you have such a bad relationship with money.  So, essentially, EFT is for anybody that doesn’t have the relationship with money and wealth that they would like to have.

I think the people that are drawn most towards needing this are people that have had life-changing situation where either that’s affected their finances, or they feel they should be much better off than they are.” – Mark
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