The Financial Healer is available to buy on Amazon and Kindle now and has already received five star reviews! The book will be available to download for free from Amazon this weekend (15th -16th May). If you can’t wait until then, you can buy it now for less than the price of Grande latte from Starbucks!

Click here to download the book for free. 

My aim for The Financial Healer eBook was to explain the principles behind EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and NLP in a simple and unique and hopefully entertaining way. It tells the story of Alex Lucas, an overweight middle aged divorcee desperately seeking to change his life, but not knowing how. The answer came from an unlikely source.

The idea at the core of the eBook is that while most people understand the mechanics of saving money they fail to put these strategies into practise. It’s designed to help alter what makes people consciously want to save money but subconsciously sabotage the good work they’ve done.

I like to think that the book will be my legacy based upon my 27 years in financial services and over 10 years studying how the mind works.

 It contains a simple message which I believe is underplayed in similar books. If you haven’t found an answer as to why your finances control you, rather than the other way round, then you have been looking in the wrong place. This book tells you where to look.

I hope you’ll download it this weekend and find it useful, let me know if you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



We were nearly at the end of our session when Elizabeth’s expression suddenly changed from bemusement to a look of realisation.

“Ah, I get it now” said my client, “this whole  financial healing thing is really about self worth and not net worth. Our financial situation is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. And I guess this reflection shows up in other areas such as health relationships and in our careers”

That pretty much nailed it and with this in mind, the intention of my blog post is to cover a multitude of areas, not just financial issues. The techniques I primarily use, EFT,  Matrix Reimprinting and NLP help with any issues across the board. In fact the creator EFT, Gary Craig encourages us to “try it on everything”

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One of the reasons I am so enthusiastic about the work that I do is that I have seen first hand how it can change people’s lives in just a few sessions. My ultimate aim is to get the techniques out to as wide an audience as possible.

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“Hey Mark, so what exactly is this ‘tapping thing’ that you keep mentioning, it all seems a little weird to me” This is the typical comment I get from my friends Most of them, especially those from my home town, can’t get their heads around how I have changed from being a ‘regular Joe who likes football (English version) and music and was scared of commitment, to someone who seems happy in their own skin and who professes that the answers lie ‘within’.

The simple facts are that NLP, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting changed my life. They help me understand who I am, who my authentic self is, and assist me on my own personal journey from the former to the latter. Read More

No matter if this is your first exposure to tapping or you've been tapping for awhile, DOUBT can cause you to question yourself, and this tool, and next thing you know you've put this powerful tool on the shelf. If you're worried that "What if I'm not doing it right" then I've got a little tap-a-long for you today.

No matter if this is your first exposure to tapping or you’ve been tapping for awhile, DOUBT can cause you to question yourself, and this tool, and next thing you know you’ve put this powerful tool on the shelf.

If you’re worried and thinking, “What if I’m not doing it right?”, then I’ve got a little tap-a-long for you today.

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Unstoppable You Intensive – Nick Ortner Shares his Secrets for Success!

I have a gift for you today from my friends at the Unstoppable You in Business EFT Summit – a free video from Nick Ortner,  the author of The Tapping Solution, which was on the NY best sellers list.  He is also the producer of The Tapping World Summit the on-line EFT event that was attended by more than a half a million people. Read More

Unstoppable You Teleclass Summit

The summit is called ‘Unstoppable You Business Intensive’ and it’s based around the Tapping World Summit.  Anybody who knows EFT will be familiar with this. It runs for five consecutive days with two interviews presented each night and it’s got some big names in the EFT market this year.

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A belief is something that’s engrained into you.  It’s a feeling of certainty that something is true.  And beliefs are important as they strongly influence behaviour. Read More

Why Do You Get Such Dramatic Results?

If I can be a bit immodest for a moment, I think the reason why I am proficient is I think I seem to have the ability to ask the right questions. And that in turn comes from being a good listener. Read More

You have to get your mindset correct or you will never attract or retain money!  Even if you’re given money like a lottery winner, you won’t retain it.

Unless you’ve got the right mindset, it’s like with anything, with professional sports people, for example.  If you’re a golfer, which I’m not, I’m reliably informed that 90% of that is in your head, and I believe it’s the same with your relationship with money.

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