Can Childhood Trauma REALLY Result In Adult Money Management Problems?

What Is Stress?

Different people define stress in different ways.  I define stress as the way we respond to our environment and our body’s reaction to that environment.

So the body’s response may be positive or negative, based on what we believe.  This explains why an event that is devastating for someone is hardly noticed by someone else.

In working with people, I see the results of stress time and time again.  But the most common problem I see is trauma based on what happened in childhood.

Stress And Childhood Trauma

I’m not talking about physical, mental or sexual abuse here – although I treat these cases exactly the same.

Everybody was traumatised in some way in their childhood.  All it takes is a parents saying, “Go away I’ve not got time for you right now!” or “You stupid child you should be able to do that!” Sometimes these things stick and once it sticks that’s it.

It sticks in that the child creates a belief about the situation and about themselves.  That perhaps they are not worthy, they are stupid, they will never amount to anything.

These beliefs are preserved and frequently affect people in later life. In fact a whole set of beliefs can be generated about what they are and are not capable of.

Interestingly, you can have 10 children in the same family, the same parents, the same schools and each one will have very different issues.  This is based on what did stick to them and as a result what they propagated though their lives.

Childhood Stress Results In Problems Later In Life

What starts as just small events just get bigger and bigger as the subconscious generalises these belief systems.   Then as you go on in life this belief system creates more and more stress and anxiety.

We generalise the experience more and more and then eventually if the body’s in stress for long enough and we can’t get out of it then the body makes changes. It makes changes on a chemical level, on a DNA level and on cellular behavior.

The body changes and adapts to those perceptions and beliefs. And when that happens we’ve got a disease whether it’s psychological or physical.

Modern Medicine And The Body As A Machine

In modern medicine, doctors use the Merck.Manual, which is a handbook which lists every known disease.  As well as listing them, for virtually every disease it tells you exactly what’s happened in the body – effectively what’s gone wrong.

Shockingly, for over 90% of diseases that the Merck Manual lists, the cause is unknown.  And to me that would suggest they’ve looked in the wrong place.

Modern physicians treat the body as a machine.  And there’s nothing wrong with that if you just look at that part, you look at the stomach, the brain you look at the ears, nose and throat.

Missing The Big Picture

That’s fine as far as it goes, but it misses the big picture.  You’re examining subsystems, not the body as a whole.

Modern physicians say to themselves: “What we need to do is to give chemicals to change this behaviour of this sub-system” or “Do we need to cut something out of that part of the body” – they don’t look at the whole system.

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners look at the body as a whole – what the environmental factors are or were, and what the beliefs are that are causing that stress.

Doctors frequently talk about a condition as being ‘stress related.’ In Matrix Reimprinting we work on the beliefs that were created in childhood that cause the stress in the first place.

And when we change the beliefs, the stress and its associated problems in the body go away – often dramatically quickly.

Money, Stress And Beliefs

Although it may not seem related, stressful events from childhood are frequently the root cause of money management issues.  This is due to the negative beliefs that can be created about money in our childhood.

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