Why Do You Get Such Dramatic Results?

If I can be a bit immodest for a moment, I think the reason why I am proficient is I think I seem to have the ability to ask the right questions. And that in turn comes from being a good listener. Read More

You have to get your mindset correct or you will never attract or retain money!  Even if you’re given money like a lottery winner, you won’t retain it.

Unless you’ve got the right mindset, it’s like with anything, with professional sports people, for example.  If you’re a golfer, which I’m not, I’m reliably informed that 90% of that is in your head, and I believe it’s the same with your relationship with money.

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“In EFT, we work at a different level, I believe, toward this; to find out the reasons why you have such a bad relationship with money.  So, essentially, EFT is for anybody that doesn’t have the relationship with money and wealth that they would like to have.

I think the people that are drawn most towards needing this are people that have had life-changing situation where either that’s affected their finances, or they feel they should be much better off than they are.” – Mark
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